Don't be like anyone else, be like YOU.

Hi! I'm Christina Jean

Yes, Jean is my real middle name, I am a handbag designer and surface pattern designer (I make artwork and turn it into patterns for all kinds of products). Including my bags.

I got started designing my own prints because I wanted unique designs for my bags, so my customers would always feel unique.

Growing up I loved to make my own clothes and bags as well as duvets, curtains and pillows because I could not find that perfect piece that fit my style at the store.

I have always loved having unique pieces that express my style, that's what my brand, Christina Jean® will stive to give to my customers too.

You will see my artwork on my bags and I hope to bring you joy and happiness through my artwork.

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Bags for life's adventures, not the shelf.

Handbags, purses, clutches, pouches, totes, whatever you call them... we hope to inspire you to forge your own path, not put you in a box.

These bags are NOT a status symbol, they are a symbol of your one of a kind spirit.

Hopefully our bags come along with you for years as you make memories, live your life, have fun and dream big dreams!

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Daisy Denim Clutch Bag

An example of new products to come. This oversized slouchy clutch bag is made from denim (conciously sourced) and my own daisy design printed on denim in the US. Made in the USA.

Gold Metal Zipper

High Quality

Beautiful, Functional Design

Made for a busy, fun life, Your life!

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