Christina Jean

Christina with Denim Clutch Bag

My Origin Story...

A little about me, how I got started and my Mission 

I’m Christina Jean, yes Jean is my real middle name. It's a coincidence that I love denim, and making denim bags!

My Aha! Moment:

I was listening to Nicole Rixon (of Sweet Stamp Shop) speak at PlannerCon- she was saying “you can build a business you just have to start"  and I finally felt, that day, after wanting to start my own business for years, that this year was the year, this year I was ready.

The timing could not have been more crazy as I had a three year old and a 3 month old at the time. I was struggling with postpartum issues- but I had also never felt as much confidence and inspiration as I was feeling during that time.

I have said before that my kids gave me the courage -becoming a Mom- gave me the courage I lacked to finally pursue my dream.

My Mission: 

To build a community of women who love to laugh, work hard, and don’t take themselves too seriously.

To give women a Handbag alternative to the expensive designer bags or the cheap “everyone has one” bags.

Bags for everyday women’s who are doing amazing things-a bag to inspire their dreams and speak to their soul.

Why I Created Christina Jean

I started designing bags because I felt there was a hole in the market, either leather, or faux leather was all that was available, or a canvas tote. There were no options that spoke to me, that really felt like ME, I wasn’t going to spend hundreds on a bag, but I also didn’t want the latest Target find either, or the cheap bag from wherever. With my line of Christina Jean finally have a bag that speaks to me, my style, my soul and has personality, I hope you feel the same way.

I feel like I can do anything with this bag, look great, get my job done and keep it forever. 

At Christina Jean Bags we are known for our unique denim bag creations with fun and inspiring prints on the inside that give each bag their own personality…..

xo Christina